Interior Leather & Plastic Repair

Interior Leather & Plastic Repair

Fenice Automotive Midi Kit allows you to achieve a professional leather finish and is now available at Global Smart Repair!

Ideal for Smart Repairers, not only allowing you to do cosmetic smart repairs quickly and
easily, it also has the products to allow complete colour changes to leather. From Smart
Repairs to customisation…

The state of the art system is designed for the care of car interiors: a complete system for
the protection, cleaning, repair and reconstruction of passenger seats and interiors in leather or plastic.

The high performance products, conforming to specifications used by car manufacturers.
All to achieve a result worthy of a true expert.

The colours are water-based polyurethane binders with high flexibility. In addition, there are also high-strength elastic fillers, feel modifiers, special adhesives, catalysts, pigments and fragrances which return interiors to their original scent.

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Interior Leather & Plastic Repair Training

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