Professional Shotblast Cabinet

The SMARTER way to repair Alloy Wheels


Single Phase 240v 0,55 kw motor

Shake down long life filters

Double filter mesh system allowing for less blockage for media

25kg load capacity

Low voltage energy saving

LED lighting unit

Technical Data:

Height: 2000mm | Width: 1400mm | Depth: 1120mm

More Features

• Internal roller carriage for mounting alloy wheels including centre less wheels

• Spacious cabinet for large alloys

• Easy operated pneumatic foot pedal

• Side mounted pressure regulator, gauge and water trap

• Pressure adjustment for various required finishes and removal of chipped flaked paint

• Highly efficient dust collection with controlled pressure extract adjustment

• LED lighting for clear visibility and energy saving

• LED lighting for avoidance of heat build up in cabinet and eye burn

• Hand operated air blow gun

• Shake down long life filters

• Separate on / off switches for light and motor control

• Front side opening door allowing easier mounting of alloys and avoiding blast media fall out

• Controlled choke adjustments for regulating blast media flow for light to aggressive blast treatments

• Dual purpose blast cabinet with removable roller carriage for ease of use when requiring facility for multi purpose cleaning

• Leather gauntlets for eliminating static build up

• Gauntlets eliminate the hygienic “Sweaty” glove syndrome

• Easy blast media change

• Double mesh filter system allowing for less blockage of media

alloy wheel shot blaster
shot blaster for alloy wheel refurbishment
alloy wheel shot blaster valve
shot blaster wheel refurbishment

• Light to heavy surface preparation

• Produces uniform matt finish for primer/ base coat applications

• Preparation time 3-6 minutes

• Complete paint removal to bare alloy, procedure time

15-20 minutes

• Internal cabin rubberised

• Single feed pressure blast gun ***

• Tungsten nozzle gun

  • Voltage: 240v single phase
  • 13 amp
  • 50/60Hz
  • Pressure: 4-5 bar (with pressure relieve valve)**
  • Blast media 60-240 grit
  • Media capacity 3kg (7 cups)

Download the Shot Blaster Leaflet

For more information on this kit download the Shot Blaster leaflet
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