Static Smart Repair Installations

Static Smart Repair Installations

Global Smart Repair can work around the space and environment that you have, to get the right equipment, product and training for your Smart repair needs. The 2 most important things for a static bay or installation is making sure that the Smart bay is workable and Health and Safety compliant. Our team will design the bay around both of them and get you a to scale plan of the bay, giving you a better understanding of how it will look.

Smart Repair Equipment/Consumable Supply

Global Smart Repair work with many leading brands and suppliers of Smart Repair equipment and consumables world-wide and can set up the perfect collaboration for you. Not only do we have some Smart Repair products that are unique to us in terms of equipment but as a Smart Repair consultancy and training company we deal with all major brands and therefore we give an un-biased opinion and advice therefore supplying what you really need.

Smart Repair Training

We tailor the training to suit your Smart Repair needs and requirements. As we understand that no two people’s needs are the same. We bespoke the training to suit. Over the years we have worked with many small independent companies, as well as large national Smart repair companies, to fully understand how the daily procedures of an operation varies. It is with this knowledge of over 18 years in Smart repair, that we can offer training to not only the technician on doing the repair but also the team within the business on selling and understanding Smart Repair. On-site training will enable us to show you how to increase your productivity. It has often been seen, that in just the 1st month the technician has increased his earnings so significantly that it has covered the cost of our trainer for the period they were with you. We can offer this on a daily or weekly basis and also over 1- 3 month plan. We will make the package that is right for you!

Limited On Space

Our smart repair booths house state of the art extraction and heating controls that make this a “bodyshop on wheels”. Our booths include a paint mixing and paint storage room that adheres to the latest in health and safety regulations.


What’s Included