Professional Hot Staple Kit

Hot Weld Staple Kit

The staple kit is a must for all repairers that have to repair cracked bumpers, light fittings, motorbike fairings etc. This unique kit has revolutionary staples that are pre-cut and allow repairs to be carried out from the front (not always having to remove the damaged part), as the staple does not need to be cut with tools, they are just snapped off with the use of fingers. This can be a time saver especially when repairing bumpers.

The kit comes with 6 styles of staples, each having 100 in a pack.

The staple gun has multiple heat settings and a soldering iron attachment for tacking the plastic back together before stapling. 


  • Energy efficient
  • LED illuminated
  • Pre-cut easy snap staples
  • High quality flight case
  • Under 10 second heat time
  • Suitable for a variety of plastics
  • Multi directional staple inserts
  • Multi heating speeds
  • Easy operation
  • 6 staple sizes

Price Only £220

Save Time/ Same Day Turnaround

Mobile/Static Repairs

Painting more than 1 Panel

Increased Productivity

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