As Smart Repair Consultants our objective is to aid you and your business in constructing the most economical and adequate solution to your Smart Repair requirements.

Implementing Smart Repair

  • SMART Repair Bay setup
  • Health and safety
  • Smart Repair Equipment/product supply
  • SMART Repair training (products & techniques)
  • Quality control
  • Sales training
  • Smart Repair Marketing
  • Costings

Improving Existing Smart offering

  • Smart Repair Product Training (New products, kits and techniques)
  • Health & Safety
  • Quality control
  • Sales Training
  • Smart Repair Marketing
  • Costings

Smart Repair Training

  • UK/International
  • IMI/QAA (All Processes)
  • ATA (COsmetic & PDR)
  • Paint Repair/Pumper Repair training
  • Paintless Dent Removal Training
  • Alloy Wheel Repair Training
  • Leather Repair Training
  • Interior Plastic Repair Training
  • Interior Fabric Repair Training
  • Windscreen Chip Repair Training
  • Glass Polishing Training
  • Exterior Plastic Welding Repair


  • Full suite of Smart Repair kits
    • Paint Repair Products and Equipment
    • Dent Repair Products and Equipment
    • Alloy Wheel Repair/Refurbishment Products and Equipment
    • Interior/Fabric/Leather Repair Products and Equipment
    • Glass Repair/Polishing Products and Equipment
    • Plastic Welding Products and Equipment

Smart Repair start-up’s

Mobile Business

  • Smart Repair Van installations – including to scale plans
  • Smart Repair Products, Equipment and Consumable supply
  • Certificated Smart Repair Training

Static Business

  • Workshop Designs for Smart Repair Bay Installation
  • Smart Repair Equipment/Consumable supply
  • Certificated Smart Repair Training

Wheel Stripping

  • Supply of Wheel Stripping product
  • Equipment set up